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Projetos de Circuitos Eletrônicos de Periféricos para Computadores PCs

  1. 160 Baud ALDL Hardware Interface
  2. 24-line PC digital interface (PDF)
  3. 4-channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter for PC
  4. 9-pin null modem cable
  5. A PC-Based LowFER Frequency Synthesizer
  6. A Serial Infrared Remote Controller
  7. Analog Signal Acquisition for PC Printer Port
  8. Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) and Communicating with a PC
  9. Apple II/II+/IIe IDE Drive Interface
  10. Assorted computer interface circuits
  11. AT PC Power Supply 1
  12. AT PC Power Supply 2
  13. AT PC Power Supply 3
  14. AT PC Power Supply 4
  15. AT PC Power Supply 5
  16. Barcode scanner
  17. Basic Stamp I & PC Relay Controller
  18. Build your own iRDA SIR Transceiver (Dongle) using MCP2120
  19. CCD linear image sensor to PC parallel interface
  20. Commodore 64 24-bit parallel port interface with 8255
  21. Compter microphone
  22. Connect other circuits to PC joystick port
  23. Connect two CD-ROM drives to one soundcard
  24. Convert Atari-style joystick to PC joystick port
  25. DB-9 Connector to DB-25 (both RS-232)
  26. Digital Signals Decoding Interfaces
  27. Dive computer interface
  28. EEPROM programmer
  29. Ericsson phone to PC serial port interface
  30. Fake Joystick circuit
  31. Fax to modem interface
  32. Fonte 13.7 Volts pc atx power suply based
  33. General purpose 48-bit ISA parallel I/O card
  34. Genius Mouse schematics
  35. Get power out of PC parallel port
  36. Get power out of PC RS-232 port
  37. Getting power from RS-232 interface
  38. GPS receiver (Gamin, Eagle etc) to PC interface cables
  39. HamComm Interface
  40. Headphone driving circuit for soundcards
  41. Hi-Fi PC Speaker System
  42. Homebuilt RS232 LCD Interface
  43. How to construct Garmin GPS receiver interface cables
  44. How to get power from PC to your circuits
  45. I2C printer port adaptor
  46. IDE hard-disk interface for Amiga 500
  47. iLINK Interface
  48. Interface cable for Casio QV-200 digital camera
  49. Interfacing 16x2 character :LCD to parallel port
  50. Interfacing PC sound card to SSB rig
  51. Interfacing to an IBM PC/AT keyboard
  52. iRDA printer adapter
  53. ISA 48 I/O digital card
  54. Isolated Full Duplex RS232C Interface
  55. Jupiter card programmer
  56. Laptop Computer Serial Port Power Booster
  57. Linux Infra-red Remote Control (LIRC)
  58. Mac Serial Port (RS-422 DIN-8) to RS-232 DB-25
  59. Modem Rockwell RCV336/ACF model V1433VQR ext.
  60. More accurate PC/AT clock
  61. Null Printer Adapter
  62. Parallel (Printer) Port Interface
  63. Parallel port ADC based on MAX147
  64. Parallel port relay interface
  65. Parallel port servo controller
  66. PC electrically isolated RS422 interface using SN75176B or MAX485
  67. PC electrically isolated RS485 interface using MAX487 or SN75176B
  68. PC infrared iRDA interface using TFDS 4500
  69. PC interface for point controller
  70. PC IR Remote Control Signals
  71. PC Serial and Parallel Port Software and Interfaces
  72. PC serial port receiver
  73. PC speaker volume control circuit
  74. PC thermometer
  75. PCI to ISA converter
  76. Plotter caseira
  77. Power from RS-232 port
  78. Printer port ADC
  79. Radio clock for PC's
  80. RGB oo Monochrome converter - Matches impedance of PC to CCTV monitor
  81. RS232 - Lowe HF-225 interface
  82. RS232 DB-9 switch to flip between two serial ports
  83. RS-232 line monitor and loopback cables
  84. RS-232 Protocol Analyser
  85. RS-232 surge protection
  86. RS232 to IrDA convertor using Vishay TOIM3232
  87. RS-232 to TTL cable
  88. RS232C Level Converter
  89. Schematic of a standard PC joystick
  90. Sega 3D glass interfacing circuits
  91. Short circuit protected power supply from PC 12V supply
  92. Simple PC SmartCard reader
  93. Simple RS-232 serial port buffer circuit
  94. Sound Blaster Microphone Preamplifier
  95. Sound Card Interface with Tone Keyer
  96. Supply Derives Power From 3-Wire RS-232 Port
  97. Temperature sensor for PC
  98. The KD2BD Pacsat Modem
  99. USB to RS232 Dongle
  100. Using the joystick port as general purpose input
  101. WatchDog for ISA Bus

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