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Projetos de Circuitos Eletrônicos para Controle Remoto e Aeromodelismo

  1. "CLONEPAC" memory module for Futaba 8UAF/8UAP
  2. 0-10V control for RC servos
  3. 250-amp Speed Controller for RC cars
  4. 27Mhz toy car receiver
  5. 27Mhz toy car transmitter
  6. A dual alternating flashing light circuit
  7. A dual tandem flashing light circuit powered by a 9 volt battery
  8. A Receive Signal Decoder
  9. Alf: The Robotic Matchbox car
  10. Battery low voltage alarm
  11. Battery low voltage alarm 2
  12. Battery pack discharger
  13. Building an RF Remote Control System
  14. Deluxe charge rate monitor
  15. Glow Plug driver for model engines
  16. Handy cricket for robotic applications
  17. Incline Railway Control Circuit
  18. LED traffic lights
  19. Model rocket launch controller
  20. Model Rocket with Video Camera
  21. Motor walker circuit
  22. Multi Rocket Launcher
  23. One ounce rocket ejection timer
  24. Pad launch controller for model rockets
  25. PIC based rocket altimeter
  26. Plane locator
  27. Plane locator 2
  28. Proportional radio remote control
  29. R/C digital camera controller
  30. R/C Emergency locator alarm
  31. R/C helicopter camera
  32. Radio Control Battery Backup
  33. Remote switch for radio-control aircraft accessories
  34. RF serial link for robot
  35. Robot with PIC16F84 brain & InfraRed eyes
  36. Robotic microcontroller board
  37. Seaplane schematic
  38. Signal breaking module
  39. Simple charge rate monitor
  40. Simple flashing light circuit
  41. Simple flashing light circuit
  42. Simple flashing light circuit
  43. Simple train detector using ambient light and a photocell
  44. Simulate the Gyralite (dual flashing headlights).
  45. Snake throat muscle controller
  46. Spider robot electronic project page
  47. Two tone train horn
  48. Two-tone siren
  49. Ultimate battery low voltage alarm

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