Receba informações atualizadas sobre Microeletrônica.

Projetos de Circuitos Eletrônicos para Sistemas de Controle e Acionamento de Motores

  1. 12V Sump Pump Control
  2. 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Xtal Based Controller
  3. 555 Timer Monostable Circuit Using Pushbutton
  4. 6090 digital decoder schematics
  5. 9V Xenon photoflash controller (PDF)
  6. AC switching with TRIAC from TTL
  7. Adjustable Voltage motor controller
  8. Assorted relay control circuits
  9. Block power switching module
  10. Bridge head
  11. Ceiling fan speed control
  12. Charge coupled bi-directional power MOSFET relay (PDF)
  13. CMOS Toggle Flip Flop With Relay(CD4013)
  14. CO2 controller for planted tanks
  15. Cold activated switch
  16. Combination-controlled, fully customizable RF remote control
  17. Constant Temperature Circuit
  18. Control 120VAC relay with TTL
  19. Current loop interface
  20. Dark activated switch
  21. DC motor controller
  22. DC Motor Driver with L6203
  23. DC Motor Reversing Circuit
  24. DC Motor Speed Controller
  25. DC Motor-Driver H-Bridge Circuit
  26. DC Push Button Motor Control Circuit
  27. Delayed off light switch
  28. Delayed shutter control for Kodak DC-20
  29. Deoderizer fan timer
  30. Driving a relay with a CPU
  31. DS1821 programmable thermostat
  32. Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface
  33. Dual Channel Servo Pulse to H-Bridge Interface
  34. Dual Stepping motor drivers using UDN2540
  35. Electronic thermostat
  36. Electronic Thermostat Relay Circuit
  37. Finger touch activated switch (PDF)
  38. Flashing neon christmas lights
  39. Frequency switch
  40. Garden moisture controller
  41. Gasoline generator automatic throttle controller
  42. H Bridge Motor Control Circuits
  43. H-Bridge motor controller (5 amps, 100 watts)
  44. H-Bridge shematic
  45. Hot Water Tank Indicator
  46. Interfacing 5 volt CMOS to 12 volt loads
  47. Latching relay driver
  48. LDR light/dark activated relay switch
  49. Light Activated Relay
  50. Light activated relay
  51. Light detector
  52. Light/dark detector
  53. Line-powered Xenon flash transmitter (PDF)
  54. LM3911 temperature controller
  55. Low voltage DC motor speed controller
  56. Machine vibration triggers hour meter (PDF)
  57. Microstepping with PBM3960 and TEA3718
  58. Modular relay system
  59. MOSFET H-BRIDGE schematic and theory

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